We Offer Risk Free Funding

When we say risk-free funding, we really do mean risk free funding and we even throw in complementary peace of mind for free. Working with Boomerang Funding could not be simpler. Whilst you carry out the recruitment, we provide the funding and, better still, we will take on all the risks.


We understood only too well the difficulties faced when a company is getting started or looking to branch out in to the world of contracting. With industry and recruitment experience behind us we understand our clients markets and so we designed Boomerang Funding to support the needs of your clients in every way.

We give you more, just check out our service summary!

Boomerang Funding provides funding on the basis that none of the borrowings, or any of the risk, is associated to you. There are no requirements for personal guarantees, debentures or indeed an other form of security that is either directly or indirectly tied in to you. That is the uniqueness of our approach.

Ask yourself, who else can offer you the ability to get started without wanting a substantial and successful trading history or perhaps requiring a charge over your home, or even a personal guarantee? Now that is risk-free because with no risk, you have complete peace of mind.

None of our competitors will offer you that.

For us it has always been important that our clients should still be able sleep peacefully at night when they are starting out growing their business.

Building a business is stressful enough without funding worries. that is why we decided that all of our products would come completely risk-free with nothing hidden in the small print to catch you out. Unlike our competitors this means we have taken care of literally everything – so you don’t have to.

Quite simply with Boomerang Funding there are no hidden extras, no hidden catches just a straight forward approach to either getting started or expanding your existing business on a completely risk-free basis.

Completely risk-free, that’s the Boomerang Funding way.

With Boomerang Funding there is no risk of losing any of those valuable assets you have built up in either your business or your personal life. So with no hidden extras, commitments and certainly no need for debentures or guarantees, there is genuinely no risk to you whatsoever.

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