Working With Introducers

Introducer - Boomerang Funding
Boomerang Funding already work very closely with an increasing number of specialist financial introducers. All of them have found how effective Boomerang’s risk free funding solutions can be when it comes to fulfilling the financial goals and needs of their own customer’s.

From highly respected blue chip financial providers through to some of the largest and best known recruitment names they all have one important thing in common. They genuinely understand and appreciate what Boomerang Funding can offer.

They have already established that by using our expertise and our range of risk-free funding solutions they can not only continue to support a wide range of their customers requirements but they enable these relationships to blossom too.

That is just one of the reasons they work so closely with us.

Through these long standing partnerships Boomerang Funding is proud to have become the catalyst for an increasingly wider range of introductions.

From those starting out through to those wishing to grow their business we played a key role in the equation. More recently those looking to exit their business and enjoy the fruits of their hard earned labour have also found that our risk-free transferable products provide the ideal platform they require.

Our expertise has also afforded specialist neutral vendor situations to some of the greatest names in recruitment. Boomerang Funding offers not only the right solutions, but we work hard to become ideal partners too.

The benefit that a partnership with Booomerang Funding offers can extend way past the initial introduction. We believe in developing long term, two-way relationships and our clients always know they can trust us to look after their introductions and ensure they receive the highest level of service.

But how can an Umbrella company benefit from a relationship with Boomerang Funding? The answer is to ask many of the leading names in the market who already know. Our service means that an Umbrella will continue to work closely with an agency they have introduced through the risk-free funding we offer.

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Put simply, our introducers not only recognise our proven ability in risk-free funding but just how effectively our financial products actually compliment the range of services they already offer to their own clients. By working together these partnership can grow and all parties can benefit.

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